Stoked Vaporizer Dipstick Electric “Nectar Collector” 1000mAH


Stoked Vaporizer Dipstick Electric “Nectar Collector” 1000mAH

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<strong>Product Description</strong>

<strong>1 – Dipstick Vaporizer</strong>

<strong>2 – Vapor Tip</strong>

<strong>1 – Glass Bubbler</strong>

<strong>1 – Cleaning Brush</strong>

<strong>1 – Micro USB Cable</strong>

<strong>1 – Silicon Container</strong>

<strong>1 – User Manual</strong>

<strong>1 – Elegant Box</strong>



<strong>Instant Heat Coil</strong>

<strong>Replaceable Vapor Tip Atomizer</strong>

<strong>Durable And Pocket Design</strong>

<strong>Water Filtration System</strong>

<strong>1000mAh Rechargeable Battery</strong>



<strong>Coil and tip will get extremely hot during operation. Allow to completely cool before touching.</strong>

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Black, Gold, Green, Red, silver


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